About Our Tallow

The newest trend in natural skincare products, beef tallow, actually dates back to ancient Roman and Egyptian times.  For millennia many cultures have been utilizing tallow for protecting and regenerating their skin.  

Beef tallow is such an exceptional ingredient because it so closely mimics our own skin's natural composition.  Rich in fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and B12 as well as linoleic acid and niacin, tallow is easily recognized, absorbed and penetrated into our skin's natural barrier.  This not only allows for deeper delivery of these essential vitamins, but tallow also joins our natural lipid barrier in protecting our skin against free radicals and other environmental dangers.

Tallow is not only a powerful antioxidant but has strong anti-inflammatory properties as well.  Regular use of tallow products can aid in the relief of common skin issues such as acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.  In fact, recent studies show tallow can stand up against topical antibiotics in the treatment of acne.  

As we age, our skin slows down in production of collogen, elastin and natural lipids, causing our skin to appear mature and dry with fine lines and wrinkles.  Introducing tallow into our skincare regime not only adds back moisture but also revamps our cell turnover process with its naturally occurring vitamin A.  You may recognize Vitamin A in its synthetic forms such as Retinol, Retin-A, etc., popular in both over the counter and prescription antiaging products.

We pair 100% grass fed tallow with cold pressed organic apricot kernel oil to create our Ojas Glow products.  

Apricot kernel oil contains high levels of Vitamins E, A and C as well as omega fatty acids.  Not only rich in oleic acid for easy penetration and restoring optimal hydration, but apricot kernel oil is also antioxidant rich, protecting skin from environmental damage and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. 

Our tallow products are also formulated with organic essential oils carefully selected for both their skin beautifying properties as well as their subtle enchanting aromas.  

Ojas Glow tallow products are handcrafted using simple organic ingredients that benefit our skin in a multitude of ways. Nothing fake or artificial ever.  Enjoy!